Charlene is passionate about helping business owners grow their business. If you desire to grow, but are struggling to figure out how to do this, call Charlene. She will amaze you with her knowledge of how to take your business to the next level. She truly is a five star coach.

– Mary Conway

Great Coach with a professionalism that exceeded my expectations. If you want good sound business coaching so you can maximize your profits while enjoying more personal time to enjoy your family and friends this is where you need to be. Start working smart not hard.

– Jerry Jankowski

Charlene continues to help us grow our business by utilizing her strategic marketing strategies and extensive coaching skills. Her love for helping others shines brightly through her work ethics!

-Kimberly Smith

Helping Exceptional Professionals Become Extraordinary Business Leaders

Helping Exceptional Professionals Become Extraordinary Business Leaders

Many people classify themselves as business owners, but what they actually own is a job, often working from open to close and not experiencing the freedom and financial rewards of ownership. Charlene Parlett, AAM, CPS, has been a highly successful absentee owner who, after 10+ years of profitability, sold her share in a thriving service industry business. As a master certified business and executive coach, conference speaker, author and blogger, Charlene’s driving purpose is to put other business owners on the same path to success and achieve balance in their lives.

Charlene specializes in 3 areas to help businesses thrive and not just survive:

  • Key Performance Indicators and how to read and understand them in order to make better decisions.
  • Best Marketing Practices, with an emphasis in online strategies and networking.
  • Conflict Resolution. While conflict resolution may not sound very sexy, it is the key to harmony, efficiency, and profitability.
You cannot be an absentee owner without developing a terrific team. Greater levels of success require pinpointing areas challenging growth and creating strategies to implement changes that will work for everyone. Charlene is a master at making tough decisions more palatable and helping business owners get their passion back!
Charlene Parlet
Charlene Parlett
Master certified
Business & Executive coach


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