PicassoSuccessKeyI’ve spent countless hours studying, researching, and learning from the best business and leadership minds I could find. I attend seminars, conferences and workshops. I buy the books, CDs, and training materials, and take the time to listen, read and complete them all. I have a wealth of knowledge, a millionaire’s lot of it, but there was a time when I found myself struggling to move forward, make changes, and take the action that I knew I needed to in order to achieve the success I desired. I had a passion for it, a gas tank full of high octane fuel if you will, but I was stuck in neutral with the emergency brake on.

Then I met my first executive coach.

They never owned a business, but they knew what it took to run a successful one – ACTION. It wasn’t enough that I had a head full of information. I needed to take action on what I knew. And that is what my coach helped make happen. They were able to pinpoint precisely the areas holding my business back, and provided me with a roadmap – a strategic plan – to make changes that would shift me from neutral into overdrive. They kept me accountable to those changes. They encouraged me and challenged me.

And it worked! My profitability more than doubled – no, I am not exaggerating. My labor hours were booked. While my team was hesitant at first to make changes, when they saw the results of more money for themselves and a happier, more satisfying work environment, they embraced the changes.

A few years later, I found myself ready to move to the next level.  I found a new coach, one prepared to take me there. They had a similar approach, but took the time to draw out of me what I already knew and help me devise a plan to apply that knowledge and make it work for me. They gave me insight where I needed it, challenged me with “homework” and weekly meetings together, and forced me to face the tough areas that needed to be worked out to move ahead. AGAIN – fantastic results.

I know that if I had not reached out to these coaches, I would not have broken down the walls between my knowledge and action on my own. There is something powerful about synergy and accountability, which is what they brought to the table. Today, I am an absentee owner of a successful service industry business. I have happy, successful employees that are self-reliant;  I can depend on them to fulfill their duties and provide great service to my customers in my absence.

Now that I am free to pursue my real passion, I want to help other executives achieve this success.  I have spent close to $100,000 over the years for the wealth of knowledge AND experience that I have to share. There’s no reason for you to spend the years and amount of money I did to get to the next level of your career, leadership ability, business success, or personal goals. An executive coach can help you get there much faster and go much further than you would on your own.

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