Relationship Marketing is about connecting with your prospective and current customers. A great way is to tell the story about your business

Marketing is about connection.

My favorite marketing tip that builds rapport, trust and opens doors of communication like no other is Tell The Story. One of the most effect ways to connect is to share how you got to this place in your life professionally. The Story helps others empathize, see your point of view, and share in your journey. My story starts with an incredible learning experience working for a fantastic small business in Liberty County (Thank You VIP!), followed by a decade of building a business from the ground up with my business partner. I was introduced to coaching as a client and it changed my life! I was so excited at learning the keys to being a successful owner that I wanted to help others have that same sense of accomplishment, stress relief and increased cash flow (the big one!) That led me to learn about getting certified and trained as a business coach, taking lots of courses both online and live, and even opened the door to help write the curriculum for a college-level degree program. Today I can say I love what I GET to do – it’s a privilege to help exceptional professionals become extraordinary business leaders. I get pure joy when I receive a call from a client who is experiencing those same life-changing moments I did years ago with my coach. What’s YOUR story? Share them with me for a chance to be highlighted in this blog: [email protected]