Business Coaching

Business/Non-Profit Coaching

We love assisting business owners and upper level managers with identifying areas in their organization or team that are keeping them from achieving the next level of success. By evaluating your cash flow, work processes, and team interaction we can get you early momentum. We also draw out of you your own strengths and knowledge, so that together we can create a strategic growth plan with your goals in mind. Our specialties include leadership/soft skills, marketing, strategic planning, evaluating KPIs, certification training and assisting organizations in developing and implementing best practices.

You will delve into all aspects of business mastery including customer service, sales, financial management and marketing. As a certified Organization Growth Coach, we help you break your next $$$ barrier, whether it’s $10,000 or $10,000,000!

Executive/Personal Development

Being at the top of your profession can be challenging. Our executive clients find the experience of coaching transformational. Our executive clients have been able to turn difficulties into success stories by having a coach to discuss issues with, help them talk through various solutions and maneuver through office politics while holding them accountable to continue to develop themselves into a truly extraordinary leader. As a master certified business & executive coach, Charlene guides business owners, executives and managers to become successful leaders. She helps driven people achieve balance in their lives and floundering people find their drive.

Charlene understands the challenges business owners face in real terms. Her book series, Act Now! is specifically designed for the busy business owner who needs to make changes quickly to grow their business. Charlene is passionate about constantly improving on what is great to make it even better and instills that passion in others.

Confidence Coaching

Did you know all successful people struggle with confidence? Each time you move to a higher level of responsibility and opportunity, you “start at the bottom” of your current skill set and experience. This often results in a crisis of confidence. As a certified Confidence Coach I love helping individuals realize their full potential. This can only be achieved with a firm foundation of self-worth, self-esteem – CONFIDENCE!

Charlene takes you through a 30-day transformational program that breaks down the pre-conceived ideas you have about yourself, and those others may have about you. You will face your fears and become the strong, confident leader you are meant to be!

Career Coaching

Are you ready to move into your dream career, but need a supportive shove to get there? Charlene will walk you through the process of evaluating what your strengths are, your current level of preparedness, and the opportunities in front of you.

Charlene started her working career as an Intelligence Researcher with the National Security Agency. She understands what it’s like to start a new career from scratch, whether by choice or circumstances. She can help you find the right fit for you and your talents.