Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Articles

1. Lead Generation

The best lead generator is always going to be current happy customers. So before we go further, make sure that you are providing the kind of service and/or goods that people want to come back over and over again for and then tell others about you. Below is a list of...

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How Does Google Ranking Work?

A chamber member asked me about this and to be honest, that’s a loaded question. Google uses over 200 different factors in a very complex computer algorithm to determine whether your web page(s) best fulfills the requested search. Read that again – Google’s primary...

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Handling Negative Online Reviews

Let’s be honest – no one hits a homerun every time. Every business has mediocre or even bad reviews. How you handle them is what counts. First - don’t respond immediately; use the review as an opportunity to talk to your team. Maybe there was a lack of communication...

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