Management Articles

Employee Contract Basics

As management expert Peter Drucker says, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Several people asked me what should be included in an employee contract. Here are the top 8 items you want to include: Employee’s Name. Start Date of Employment. Evaluation Date (I...

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Handling Negative Online Reviews

Let’s be honest – no one hits a homerun every time. Every business has mediocre or even bad reviews. How you handle them is what counts. First - don’t respond immediately; use the review as an opportunity to talk to your team. Maybe there was a lack of communication...

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Marketing Tip of the Week – Youtube for Business, Part 3

The focus of your first videos should be content; a little editing is needed but the goal is to start making videos and uploading them so don’t get overwhelmed. Keep it simple. A basic video editing program is plenty to start. Learn how to create and add an intro and...

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