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ACT NEXT! – By Charlene Parlett

Act Next! takes small business owners through practical steps to continue moving forward in their business. The second book in the Act Now! series, Act Next! focuses on helping the reader develop stronger skills and understanding in leadership, communication, personal health, networking and accountability. Most businesses begin because the owner has a specialized skill or knowledge and wants the freedom that ownership offers them. But owning a business requires a unique skill set and education. By putting these steps in place you will see your business thrive and not just survive!

ACT NOW! – By Charlene Parlett

Act Now! 5 Action Steps To Take Immediately To Move Your Business Forward was written for the small business owner who feels like they own a job rather than a company. As a certified Master Business Coach, Charlene draws from her own entrepreneurial experience and her years of coaching and consulting business owners to provide practical recommendations and real-life examples of how to deal with the most common areas of concern for the struggling business owner.

Book of the Week: How to Win Friends and Influence People

One of the most influential self-help books of all time. Dale Carnegie’s guide on person interaction is a must read for every business professional

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