What Clients Are Saying About Seamless Coaching

Life Changing Success

I have gained a wealth of knowledge during my coaching experience with Charlene Parlett.  Charlene Parlett listened, related and coached me to my goal of becoming a healthier me. Based on my coaching experience with Charlene Parlett her openness and knowledge will benefit many. My life and perspective has forever been changed from my coaching experience. I recommend Seamless Coaching Services to any one who is looking to make a change in their life professionally or personally. If you are desiring to make a change in any area, but don’t quite know how to make that change or achieve your goals or plans, Charlene Parlett can and will coach you to wonderful results.

Taneasha Egbo

Independent Fashion Jewelry Consultant, Traci Lynn

Motivation to Change!

After the first session I felt motivation to change things for the better. Charlene made me feel comfortable enough to have an open conversation with, and she also showed genuine care and concern for every situation I brought before her. She guided me into breaking down areas in my life and gain understanding of those things that hindered and helped me to reach my overall goals. This allowed me to put the time and commitment into the projects and responsibilities that really mattered to me.

Cheryl Midgorden

Partner , https://www.facebook.com/greenthumbga/

Executive & Personal Development

As a counselor and life coach, I regularly have the opportunity to “dig deeper” with my clients and I am delighted when they see results and have “Aha!” moments. I don’t always take the time to dig deeper for myself.  Charlene challenged me to dream bigger and plan more efficiently. I could tell Charlene did her homework each time we met. I was stunned when she assigned the dream board exercise because I had wiggled out from under that a couple of times. It had to be inspired. I have a lot of vague areas that I plan to flesh out further as I get ideas. Charlene’s approach and appearance was confident and professional. She was prepared and insightful. I enjoyed her personal stories; they helped to lighten the time we spent together.

Elizabeth Hodge

Author & Speaker, www.amazingkidsbylibby.com

Non-Profit Growth Expertise

I very much enjoyed my year of Seamless Coaching. As the new President of the Foundation, I wanted to draft a strategic plan for the Fraser Counseling Center to follow with input from both the staff and the board members. Charlene helped me accomplish this goal in a very organized and educational process. She also expanded my personal working knowledge of business terminology through a very handy workbook that provided me with opportunities to make practical use of the terms. Charlene herself was delightful to work with, very affirming and very patient with my inexperience with business concepts. I am very grateful for the professional guidance I received from Seamless Coaching.

Sherry L. Somerville

President, www.frasercenter.com

From Start-Up To Success!

Starting your own business can be a challenge, especially when changing careers. Charlene at Seamless Coaching recognized our potential with Southern Helpers and coached us through the initial hurdles. Charlene has been a great business coach. She continues to help us grow our business by utilizing her strategic marketing strategies and extensive coaching skills. Charlene’s love for helping others shines brightly through her work ethics!

Kimberly Smith

Owner, www.southernhelpersllc.com

Award Winning Results!

Charlene Parlett worked with our practice in several areas. She helped us establish a high quality marketing system that included social media, print media and email campaigns to engage both current clients and prospective clients more effectively. She also helped us develop several standard operating procedures so that there was greater communication and certain processes could be streamlined, helping to train new people faster. Charlene also helped us develop high quality content for our website blog which resulted in much higher ranking on Google and other search engines. Her efforts helped get the word out about exclusive services we provide and helped position us to win the Best of Savannah award in our category multiple years in a row.


Dr. Harry Collins

CEO & Medical Director, www.agemanagementmed.com

Case Studies

CLIENT: Owner of an IT Company

THE NEED: The owner was having difficulty getting momentum for growth and was overwhelmed and stressed. He was also having difficulty with determining where to put his time and efforts as an owner vs. as a technician. The company was floundering and cash flow was insufficient to sustain the business much longer.

RESULT: Through intense one-on-one feedback and identifying the key steps needed in a strategic plan, the owner was able to develop long-term and short-term goals and plans for the business. He was able to determine best hiring practices, improve his organizational skills and time management skills, resulting in an almost immediate increase in cash flow. The business is now thriving through much better marketing, quality employees and focused priorities.

CLIENT: President of a Non-Profit Organization

THE NEED: The president had inherited the oversight of the organization from her parents and felt ill-equipped to fill the need presented. The organization was floundering financially and organizationally as a result.

RESULT: Through leadership coaching, team- building intervention, and development of long term goals and a strategy for achieving them, the president developed a sense of confidence and certainty that allowed changes to occur in the organization resulting in a financial and organizational turn-around.

CLIENT: Business Partner for an Automotive Repair Company

THE NEED: The partner was responsible for various aspects of the business including book keeping and some marketing and felt overwhelmed.

RESULT: Together, Charlene and the partner identified that time management was a major issue and worked on skills that allowed her to complete her work efficiently and have sufficient time to increase her knowledge base in those areas.

CLIENT: Dean of an International University

THE NEED: The college wanted to add a new degree option and the dean felt under-qualified to develop the curriculum fully and did not have sufficiently experienced staff to hand the program to.

RESULT: By working closely with the Dean to determine what the goals of the program were, Charlene was able to assist in creating a curriculum appropriate for the needs of the school.

CLIENT: Career Change Client

THE NEED: The individual recently received their accounting degree but felt ill equipped to move into her desired career.

RESULT: By taking the client through a 30- day intensive course of study and one-on-one coaching, she felt prepared for her new career and was hired as a small business accounting clerk within 3 months.